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Geography Quiz EFG

See if you can solve the bewildering quiz in this intricate trivia game
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3 February 2011

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Geography, also known as ‘The World Discipline’, is a science that acts as an essential link between the human and physical sciences. This discipline deals with the study of the physical features of Earth, its places and inhabitants. The study of geography is extremely important for a person to know about the climates, weather, places and people all around the world we live in. Children especially need to enhance their knowledge and there are two ways to ensure their knowledge about this discipline. Either you can overload your children with text books and G.K. books or you can simply use Geography Quiz EFG v.1.0 to combine knowledge with fun.

Geography Quiz EFG by Exotic Flash Games is a freeware game based on the Geography questionnaire. The interface of the game is simple, with the background containing the picture of earth to give it a theme of Geography. All the questions in this quiz are related to geography and you will find a number of challenging and mind-bending questions. All the questions are shown one by one with multiple choices four in number, of which the player has to choose one option. But you have to be cautious of your answers as you have only two chances for wrong replies and once your chances get exhausted, you will have to start over the quiz again from the first question. With its effective mix of sounds along with attractive visuals, the player is certain to get immersed in the quiz while proceeding with the question. You will hear a ‘ding’ sound on each correct reply and a buzz on the wrong one.

Overall, Geography Quiz EFG v.1.0 is a nice quiz, especially recommended for young brains in order to have a knowledge about the disciplines of geography. Hence it receives a score of four rating points on the scale of five.

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See if you can solve the bewildering quiz in this intricate trivia game. This quiz contains various challenging questions that are all about geography. You will need to progress through the game and answer all of the questions correctly in order to win this game, but you must remember that you have only two lives throughout the quiz.
If you answer a question incorrectly you lose one life. If all lives are gone then you will need to start over!
This game features entrancing and rather effective planetary visuals that help immerse the player in the action while answering the various challenging questions. The game also includes some nice sounds such as the ding sound that plays when the player gets a correct answer as well as the buzz sound that occurs when the player answers the question incorrectly.
Will you become the next quiz champion? Play this game and you shall find out!
Geography Quiz EFG
Geography Quiz EFG
Version 1.0
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